We highly encourage all to read over our contracts and understand that these are our terms and conditions for anyone getting one of our puppies. You will not only sign the contract possibly in more than one spot but also will initial EVERY clause, therefor stating you understand and agree to our terms. We enforce all clauses in the contracts and take them very seriously. There are different contracts for different circumstances. Please do not read over these contracts lightly. Understand as well these contracts are most importantly to cover the well being and safety of our puppies when going to a new family.



This is a condition of sale between Pryde French Bulldogs, Jessica Berger, whom shall be referred as the (Seller) throughout the rest of this document, and the below named person or persons whom shall be referred to as the (Buyer) in the rest of this document. If all conditions are not met the Seller shall have the option to repossess the below mentioned puppy with no compensation to be made to the Buyer. If Seller must repossess said puppy the Buyer will have no more than 15 days from notice from Seller to return all below detailed Puppy's papers and below detailed puppy to the Seller.

Buyer's Information:

*** The puppy will be AKC registered using the information below. ***


Name:       Mr. OR Mrs. Puppy Buyer                                                 ________________


Mailing Address: ____123 Main St.                                  ___________________________________


City: __This Town________________________        State: _AA_____      Zip Code: __98765__________


Phone Number: _(123) 456-7890  .    Email              ________


1) The Seller guarantees that below detailed puppy is a purebred French Bulldog, and the offspring of the below detailed sire and dam, and registerable with the American Kennel Club (AKC). This puppy shall be registered with the Seller’s prefix “Pryde’s”. The Buyer agrees that the Seller will register said puppy for them with AKC and will pay for all registration costs to the buyer. Should a theme be chosen for said puppy’s litter, Buyer agrees to choose a name from the theme list chosen by the Seller but the Buyer may give the puppy a call name of their choosing. Theme for the following litter shall be as follows: __Theme_________

Buyer's Initials: _________

2) The Seller has a period of 6 months to register the litter with the AKC and the Seller does reserve the right to register any litter at any point in time within the six-month period that we as the Seller have with The American Kennel Club for any reasons that the Seller may find necessary to wait to register said litter. The Seller will with the AKC and AKC will mail directly the Registration papers to the Buyer provided all contractual agreements have been met between the Seller and Buyer. NO puppy registration papers will be given before a signed contract is made between the Seller and Buyer. AKC registration papers mailed to Buyer on this Date:___TBD_________________

Buyer's Initials: ________

3) Any and all financial liability incurred as a result of transporting the puppy to the buyer’s location will be the sole responsibility of the Buyer, this is to include but not limited to airfreight and a suitable crate for shipping. Any special documentation that may be needed by a veterinarian. A final veterinary well check. All travel arrangements are to be made by the Buyer. The Seller will offer to be an in person flight nanny and transport in hand at all times in flight in the cabin if the Buyer wishes provided the Buyer pays all expenses. This option is generally less expensive than hiring a flight nanny as I only require my actual expenses and nothing more to come to you and fly home. It also ensures no stranger is handling your new puppy and you can meet me in person as well. No puppy will ship before the age of ten weeks.

Buyer's Initials: ________

4) The Seller guarantees, to the best of our knowledge, this puppy to be in good health and will have had at least one visit to a licensed vet between 7 and 9 weeks of age for a complete exam to include but not limited to deworming, first shots, fecal exam and general assessment of health of below detailed puppy. The Buyer will not take said puppy and exposes said puppy to places of high communicable disease such as but not limited to a dog park or pet store until the puppy has had at least their third series of puppy shots at (13-15) weeks of age, this is for the wellbeing of the puppy. The Buyer has a health guarantee extending to the close of business 48 hours from the following date:_TBD by DOB and Date of pick up of the sale in which to have a licensed veterinarian of the Buyer's choice to examine below detailed puppy and is urged to do so. If the Buyer does not take said puppy to a licensed veterinarian within the (48) business hours upon receiving said puppy any and all health warranties will be null and void. Any and ALL examination will be done at the Buyer's expense. No refund will be made for any medical bills incurred once the puppy has left the Seller's Property with the Buyer.  At the Buyer's first visit to a licensed veterinarian within their (48) hour period find any life-threatening conditions with the puppy in this guarantee period, the Seller will then have the right to have a second opinion formed by a veterinarian of the Seller's choice before any refund or exchange will be made. Should it be determined that the puppy has a life-threatening condition the Buyer will then have two options. (1) Return the puppy in question to the Seller accompanied with documentation from the examining veterinarian stating as to what they found life threatening with said puppy and exchange for another puppy of the same sex and of the same monitory value, any puppy chosen for exchange with a monitory value greater than the original purchase, the difference will be paid to the Seller by the Buyer. (2) Should there be no puppy available the Seller will have One Year to provide an equal replacement or at the end of the One Year refund the cash value of the returned puppy. Should the Buyer not have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian in this guarantee period the Buyer is agreeing to this puppy AS IS with No Guarantee! The Buyer agrees to provide proper medical attention as needed and adhere to yearly vaccinations; rabies shots, monthly heartworm prevention, kennel cough prevention & any other veterinarian care that may be needed. 

Buyer's Initials: ________

5) The Buyer agrees to provide the proper warm or cool, safe and sanitary living quarters. The Buyer agrees to prevent theft or running away of said puppy, however the puppy should not be tied for any length of time, crated for lengthy periods of time, or kept in a kennel permanently. The Buyer agrees to feed the dog PROPER diet sufficient to maintain its health. The Seller retains the right to reclaim the dog and all rights to the dog at NO cost, obligation or compensation to the Buyer should it be deemed that the Buyer is remiss in providing proper care for the puppy at any time and is to include but not limited to mental and or physical cruelty, being left in a car, being left tied up, being left outside during extreme weather conditions or being able to run loose. There conditions are not limited to for reclaiming of the dog should it be deemed necessary to ensure and maintain the health and wellbeing of this puppy.

Buyer’s Initials: ________

6) The Buyer agrees NOT to dispose or destroy said dog before first contacting the Seller except in the case of dire emergency. An example of dire emergency would be a dog hit by a car not expected to survive. This does not limit the dire situations, but should the Buyer have sufficient amount of time to contact the Seller they must before putting any puppy or dog to sleep. 

Buyer's Initials: ________

7) The Buyer hereby certifies that he or she is not acting as an agent/broker for any other individual and will not resell, trade or give away said puppy to a third party without prior notification to the Seller. If for any reason the Buyer cannot retain ownership for any reason it will be returned to the Seller at no cost or obligation to the Seller. No compensation will be returned to the Buyer should the Buyer have to return the said puppy to the Seller. Should the puppy have to be returned all legal ownership papers would accompany this puppy and be transferred back to the Seller. This is to include AKC paperwork signed and transferred back to the Seller. As this contract is for the LIFE of the dog, if you can not provide a home for them at any time you default and then are in breach of contract. We strive to find forever homes the first time and ensure that our puppies never end up in rescues, pounds, multiple homes or worse.

Buyer’s Initials: ________


8)  The Seller cannot and will not guarantee size or color. French Bulldogs range in size and color. It is never guaranteed what they will be at maturity. The below detailed pup is sold as a Pet/Companion Puppy. The Seller does not guarantee this puppy to obtain any title, but the Buyer is not discouraged from trying to obtain a title on below detailed puppy. At 16 weeks of age the Buyer will contact the Seller with the puppy's weight and the Seller will give an approximate weight they think their puppy should mature to. Date to contact Seller:                         

Buyer’s Initials________

9) Any puppy sold as a pet quality puppy will be spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian once said puppy reaches the age of one year and two months and not before & before the puppy turns two years. Any puppy altered before one year and two months and not by two years, the Buyer will relinquish ownership of said puppy back to the Seller. Exception to this would be if a licensed veterinarian deems said puppy needs to be alter sooner for life saving reasons ONLY, this means it is life and death at that moment and the only way to save the dogs life.  A pet/companion puppy will have a limited registration, meaning you will not be able to register any offspring of this dog.Non-Breeding Provision for Pet Purchase The Buyer does hereby agree to not allow this Dog to be used for breeding whether intentional or accidental.  The Buyer further agrees that any violation of the non-breeding terms of this agreement would constitute a breach of contract.  Should such a breach occur at any time then liquidated damages in the amount of $20,000.00. This is non-negotiable.  Both the Seller’s and the Buyer’s signature directly below this clause will mean that the buyer has purchased a puppy that must comply with this clause and that the Buyer fully understands this clause. NOT complying with this condition of the sale and showing signed documentation by a licensed veterinarian as proof of procedure within the allotted time frame shall render the Seller rights to reclaim possession of this puppy with no refund to the Buyer of any monetary value or otherwise. If the Seller reclaims the puppy for this reason all registration will be transferred back to the Seller. Earliest date said puppy can be neutered

is: To be dated 1 yr & 2 months from DOB_& is to be neutered by no later than: To be dated 2 years from DOB__.

Seller’s Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _____________________

                            Jessica E. Berger

Buyer’s Signature: _________________________________________  Date: _____________________

                          Puppy Buyer

10) Buyer will notify seller of any address and or phone number changes within two months of moving or changing personal contact information.  

Buyer’s Initials: ________

11) The Buyer further agrees to provide the seller with updated pictures of said puppy at least twice yearly. Understand that this is to see how our pups develop as we like to keep up with our puppies. Note that these pictures may or may not be posted on our website on our pupdate page for other puppy owners who have purchased littermates and other puppies may see how everyone else is growing as well.

Buyer’s Initials: ________


12) The Buyer releases the Seller and their estate from any and all liabilities, and or damages by fault of this dog after the date of purchase. These liabilities and/or damages include but are not limited to the destruction of property and/or physical injury to any person or group of people.

Buyer’s Initials: ________

13) A deposit in the amount of One Half the total price of the puppy is required to hold the puppy until it is ready to be delivered to Buyer. The deposit is non-refundable to the Buyer once it has been left with the seller unless the puppy dies or has a serious condition to prevent delivery before the Buyer takes the puppy into their possession. The balance is to be paid in full by the time the puppy reaches Ten weeks of age, and NO puppy will be released to the new owners until the pup reaches the age of 10 weeks old if being picked up or 12 weeks should the puppy have to be shipped. The puppy will be picked up on the following agreed upon date: TBD by DOB   . Any party who has reserved a puppy by leaving a deposit must contact Seller within five (5) days of this date to make arrangements to pick this puppy up or the deposit will be forfeited, and the Seller will then have the right to re-advertise this puppy for sale to another party. The Seller will accept NO Personal Checks OR Money Orders as payment for this puppy. The Buyer is to give a deposit in the amount of $_2,000.00_. The remaining balance of $_2,000.00__ is to be paid full by the buyer on the following date:_TBD by DOB__ and NO puppy will be released to the new owners until the balance is paid in full.

Buyer’s Initials: ________

14) The Seller will ONLY accept the following forms of payment for deposits on puppies;

1. Cash

2. A check may be left for the deposit should there be sufficient amount of time for the check to clear Seller’s bank. Should the Buyer leave a Check for the deposit amount and the check does not clear, an additional charge of One Hundred Dollars will be applied to the Balance amount to cover any fees the Seller may incur.

3. Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart

4. PayPal Friends & Family method only so we do not incur a 3.5% charge.

5. Square, accepts apple pay, android pay, visa, master card, amex. and discover depending on how payment is entered will determine what fee percentage is applied from 2.25% - 3.75%.

6. Zelle transfer through bank to bank.       

Buyer’s Initials: ________

15) Final payment for remaining balance is to be paid in cash OR Zelle bank to bank transfer when the puppy is picked up and ownership is transferred to the new owner. No other forms of payment will be accepted for final payment.

Buyer’s Initials: ________


16) All puppies will be microchipped before leaving our property. It is up to the new owner to register the microchip to a registry of their choosing. Below is a listing of a few registries I have found you can register your new puppy’s microchip to.








Buyer’s Initials: ________

17)  This contract is governed by the laws of South Carolina and is fully enforceable in the State of purchase where the Seller resides and the State of residence of the Buyer. Any action or proceeding brought by any party concerning a dispute arising hereunder shall be brought to court of competent jurisdiction located in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Buyer agrees if there is such dispute the buyer will pay any and all court and legal fees for both the seller and the buyer no matter the outcome.

Buyer’s Initials: ________


18) The following is a detailed description of the puppy to be sold:

Registered Name Chosen:    Pryde's Your Sweet Puppy                                      

Sex: _Male OR Female_ Color Description: __TBD____________ Breed:  French Bulldog   

Registration Number:    To Be Determined     Date of Birth:__Happy Birthday________________

Sire: __Proud Papa_________________

Dam: _Pryde's Amazing Mama___________________________

PURCHASE PRICE:      $_4,000.00_____
DEPOSIT AMOUNT:    $  2,0000.0        DATE PAID:                PAID VIA:                 
BALANCE DUE:        $_2,000.00   DATE PAID:__________

We the undersigned have read and agree to all the above conditions in full. By signing this contract, we agree to fulfill all requirements/lease. It is further understood that NO other warranties or conditions are otherwise expressed or implied. Each party hereby acknowledge that they had an opportunity to review this agreement, including the opportunity to consult with an attorney if they choose and that this agreement is entered in knowingly, voluntarily, and an understanding of the terms hereof. No party has relied on any representation other than the terms of this agreement. Buyers signature below certifies he/she accepts the terms of this contract and that it is a Valid Legal Binding Contract.



Seller’s Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ________________________

                               Jessica E. Berger


Buyer’s Signature: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________

                                       Puppy Buyer